Simple Ideas for Any Grade!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Oriental Trading now has a teacher site called Learn 365. They have so much great stuff for teachers!

Here are some things that I love from their new site.

These counting links are usually used in pre-k/kinder classrooms, however they are also fun for older kids! I used these with third graders and it added a little more to a simple multiplication matching activity. Instead of just matching the cards, I hole punched them and had them link the cards together. It just added a little bit of novelty, which is always great.

I love these dry-erase math skill boards. They are perfect for math small group in K/1/2. I used this with a second grader and it was perfect. We worked on addition and subtraction using the number line and ten frame, and number sense with the 120 chart. We played a quick race game with the 120 chart. We each started on 1, then rolled the dice and moved that many spaces. We had to guess which number we would be on after rolling the dice. It was easy and fun!

I played a similar game with a kindergartener, but instead of the 120 chart I used these dry-erase number lines. This is also perfect for a math small group!

Those little pieces that we used are also from Oriental Trading. They are supposed to click together and stack, however they are very difficult to get together. I still really like them though, I have been using them for game pieces and for math manipulatives.

I also got these little buckets, they are pretty small but perfect to play Fill the Cup with the little round pieces. We took turns rolling the dice and putting that many pieces in our cup, the first player to fill their cup is the winner. This is perfect for the beginning of kinder.

Lastly, these dry-erase sentence strips can be used for anything! I worked on letters with a kindergartener, but you can use them for anything.

I am very happy with Oriental Trading's new site Learn 365, I am very happy with everything that I have used so far!

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