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Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy fall! This is our last day of a three day weekend, it was a nice break but we have a fun week coming up including our first field trip!

Today I wanted to share something that we have been doing this year that I LOVE!
Morning work has always been an issue for us, I feel that it is too hard in kindergarten because the kids are at such different levels and some kids take so long to get settled in the morning. By the time your last kid is coming in the door, the first few kids are done and bored.

I created this "rise and shine book" over the summer to try and fix these issues and I am loving it.
This completely eliminates the dreaded early finishers and the kids that are slower to come in can just pick it up when they come in. All of the kids work at their own pace.

The Rise and Shine book is a large book (around 50 pages). At the end of September, I had a few kids still on the first 10 pages and others finishing their last 10 pages. 
The activities are simple enough that the children can complete them independently. The first month included coloring, tracing and some simple number and letter activities.
There is a large variety of activities so the children will not get bored of doing the same types of things everyday. There is also a new book for each month
This year we have a few kids that take a long time to finish their work and then get very stressed when they don't get to finish. This helps these kids as well, because they know that they can finish the next morning.
There is always a lot to do when the kids coming in, between helping them all get settled, collecting notes and homework and finishing those last preparations for the day. Your kids will all be busy and doing something constructive while you complete these tasks.
Here are some pictures of the September Rise and Shine book in action:

After one day of Rise and Shine Books, the kids knew exactly what to do when they came in the door. It is fantastic!
We are now on our October Rise and Shine Books and the kids are loving it!

Here are the links to the books I currently have finished:

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