Peek At My Week: Third Week!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Today, I am linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for A Peek at My Week!

This has been a crazy few weeks, this is our third week of school. We still haven't had a full week of school. It feels like we have already been in school for months!
Every year, we forget how difficult the beginning of kindergarten really is.
The kid are super sweet, but they are still babies at this time of the year.
We have been trying to get them into the routine and they are adjusting nicely, but it takes so long to do things! We had all of these plans for the beginning of the year, and basically got none of it done.
This week we are trying to stick to more of a schedule. We haven't been able to start a lot of the things that we like to do, but this week we are going to slowly jump in.

Here is what we are doing this week (We have Wednesday off for Yom Kippur):

Here are the resources that we are using this week (Click the cover to get to the product page):

The poetry that we are doing is from DeeDee Wills, we are so excited to start this week!

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