Reading Week Fun!

Friday, March 6, 2015

We had an absolutely crazy week with snow this week. With delays and snow days, they only time that we had to celebrate Reading Week was today! I love doing fun Reading Week themed activities, but unfortunately we didn't get to that many this year.

First we made this fun cat project. The kids really enjoyed making their own cats.

Next we did this hat word family paper. We made a list of words as a class, then the kids wrote their own words on their hats. After they were done, I had them write a sentence about their favorite word on a sentence strip. They did a really great job!

If you want a copy of this paper, you can get it for free below:

Lastly we did this awesome directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies. I LOVED this. The kids were so focused and quiet while they were doing this. They came out really cute as well. I am definitely going to do more directed drawing in the future. The kids were all so impressed with themselves!

We also read a few books and watched a video while we were having snack. Hopefully next year we will have less winter weather and will be able to celebrate Reading Week more.

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